About the Artist

LEFT: The Bolt, 2007, Recycled copper
RIGHT: Double Beryl, 2008, Recycled copper, sterling silver


Los Angeles, California, 1958

deidre@copperdoc.com, 310-346-1146, www.copperdoc.com

Deidre was inspired to think of art in the realm of industrial design and the principle of form following function while in school.  Interesting enough, the first insight came in the third grade when she was assigned to build an architectural structure.  Later she discovered the wonderful world of machinery–drill press, disc sander, jigsaw, band saw and buffer in classes at the Boys & Girls Club.  In high school she took wood shop and lapidary classes, to later study design in college.  Deidre advanced in jewelry-making by experimentation, trial and error and was guided by “industry professionals” such as hardware store employees, machinists, raw material manufacturers, copper organizations and distributors.  She also credits intermittent night classes, a copper metallurgist, skilled crafts people, technology periodicals and elders with helping her create the triangle that forms her aesthetic–the mental gymnastics of thought, the transformation of elements and the technology of machines. This cycle includes a multitude of interpersonal relationships and and collaborative experiences in order to bring art into fruition. She earned the name “The Copper Doctor” based on the fold wisdom that copper possesses curative powers as a remedy for arthritis. Her mission is to provide healing relief while creating a beautiful piece of wearable art. Deidre is also grounded in the tradition of the spoken word.

LEFT: Mystery Ring, 2006, Recycled copper, sterling silver
RIGHT: Double Infinity, 2004, Recycled copper, sterling silver

I have always been self-motivated and driven to create art that ranges from clothing, doorknobs, lights and furniture, to graphics and websites.  Art is just in me, waiting to transform into beautiful creation–therefore I have not done any apprenticeships.  Each of my pieces tells stories of life processes; change, movement, obstacles, jubilation, patience, spirituality, travels, prayers, manipulation, discovery, and the interdependency of all life forms.  I have an ancestral duty to pass that on.  Ancestral inspiration guides all my work; I take pure raw materials and turn them into living art. –D.G.