Copper Commodity

copper bullionCopper is an industrial metal essential to urban modernization.  It is the one commodity that keeps the economy humming. Copper is valuable, and often vital, for nearly every sector, from power generation to construction, sanitation to fine jewelry, minting (most U.S. coins are actually 92% copper) to ship and auto building. While countries such as China and India strive to develop a western lifestyle, the need for copper will likely increase at the expense of a dwindling supply. As alternatives are found to replace copper’s applications, the price of copper will continue to be volatile.

copper wheat penniesDid you know that at “wheat” penny is worth more than 1 cent? The truth is, some Copper pennies are worth from 3 cents to $2000 each. These coins might be in your pocket, piggy bank, in a penny cup at a convenience store, lying on the ground…consider the return on this effortless investment for just tuning in and paying attention!